Saturday, January 1, 2011

Seven Hundred and Five

Yesterday I ran my last long run of the year 
which put my 2010 mileage at 705 miles.

And 705 miles is EXACTLY how far we'll drive to get to our hotel in Orlando next week!
I think it's a pretty AWESOME sign.
I had more miles planned for 2010, but I'm proud of what I accomplished.
I definitely ran about 650 more miles in 2010 than in 2009. :)
And who knows what 2011 will hold!
Right now my goals are to run 2 marathons, and 3 half-marathons.
I am currently signed up for 2 marathons and 1 half.
I plan on running the Star City Half again in November,
which means I need to find one more half for the year.

I know that my mileage will probably decrease once I start my job in the Fall,
and I'm okay with that.  
As long as I keep up with my running in some way
I'll be more than happy.

Here's to a new year of running!!! 

Miles: 10
Time: 2 hours

Miles this Week: 22
Miles this Month: 82

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