Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mind, Body, and Soul

So I didn't end up running on Monday. Skipping a run on vacation? No surprise there! :)

But moving on, let's take a little peek at my to-do list for this week...

And no where on there does it list running.  This is everything I must do prior to training myself to run 26.2 miles!  Sometimes it's so easy to overlook running.  No professor is going to give me a grade for it.  No one's going to ask if I got my running done for the day.  My running doesn't really impact anyone else. But the impact it has on myself is HUGE.

I recently read this great post on running, and it mentions how running is good for the mind, body and soul.  This is exactly why I run.  And why I'll continue to run even when it feels like everything else in life is pulling me in a million directions.

I love running.  It IS hard, like the post I mentioned says, but it is sooooooooooo good for my mind, body and soul.  After I get back from a good run, I feel like I can tackle this to-do list and anything else that's thrown my way!

Miles: 3
Time: 32 minutes, 33 seconds

Miles this Week: 3
Miles this Month: 10

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