Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day Three

While at first I considered this to be my second day "in training", I soon realized that yesterday was equally imporant.  I don't want to ignore rest days as part of my training, because I know they play a role!

So this morning I began day three, and it went really well.  My day yesterday was pretty crazy (12 hours straight on campus) and my run felt soooooooo good this morning.  I clicked off a mile without even realizing it.  I also ran up two hills that I've never ran the entire way.  I did some walking, but I was proud of my effort!  I've dropped 3 pounds since getting back from Texas, and I feel so much healthier.  I'm taking vitamins, drinking plenty of water, eating spinach salads everyday for lunch, and RUNNING again!  My goal is to drop 10 more pounds by the marathon.

This weeked the heat is supposed to go away, and I'm hoping for a great long run on Saturday.  Happy September!!!

Miles: 3
Time: 35 minutes, 7 seconds

Miles this Week: 6
Miles this Month: 3

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