Sunday, July 25, 2010


My legs aren't sore at all today, but I still wanted to give them a rest from a longer run yesterday.  Yet a part of me really wanted to get in some exercise.  That's when I remembered that there's something runners can do in these moments, and it's called cross-training.  I'm terrible about cross-training.  I know that cross-training has so many benefits, but sometimes it's hard enough for me to fit in running.  I love running, and it's really one of the only forms of exercise I enjoy.  But tonight I decided a walk in the neighborhood would be perfect.

I asked my friend Ashley to go, because we hadn't talked in awhile, and she's a FAST walker.  She really kept me moving tonight, and it was great.  Ashley is very active, and she does a lot of classes at our rec center.  Ashley and I trained together for the 10 mile race back in March, and I will always remember running my first 7 miles with her.  We kept a fast pace tonight for three miles, and although it was warm, it was cloudy and cooler than it had been during the day.

In other news, how cute is this shirt?


  1. that shirt is super cute! I also like the new blog look! Super cute as well:)

  2. I hate cross-training...I never get it done when I have it planned even though I know it will make me a better runner!