Friday, January 29, 2010


Today Sarah (aka my running coach as I like to call her) sent me and my friend Ashley an email letting us know we should probably GYRO today instead of tomorrow.  We're supposed to get A LOT of snow overnight, and it's going to continue to snow all day tomorrow as well.  I was glad she thought of this, because for some reason it hadn't entered my mind to run before the snow.

So this afternoon I met up with Ashley (Sarah had to work -- boo!) on the Huckleberry Trail to get our long run in!  Mathis came too, but he ran at his own pace. :)

Again I've noticed the first few miles are the toughest for me.  Mathis agrees.  Ashley and I ran out 3.5, stopped and stretched, and ran another 3.5.  I really enjoy stopping half-way for a few minutes to stretch out.  The last few miles always seem the easiest for me.  Today's run felt really great -- my legs were definitely feeling it, but I also think I could have done more.  I'm soooooo excited for our 10 Mile race in just a few weeks!!!

Here's us at the finish looking pretty good if you ask me!  

As of right now I've ran 49 miles this month so you better believe I'll squeeze one mile in this weekend to make 50 for the month!

Miles: 7
Time: ???  Garmin FAIL

Miles this Week: 15
Miles this Month: 49

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