Friday, May 14, 2010

A New Speed!

Yesterday afternoon Mathis and I ran together on the Huckleberry Trail.  I was excited to run with him, because it's not often we go together.  We decided to try for five miles, and I was ready to work in some extra mileage after slacking off Monday and Tuesday of this week.

As we started out, I could tell I was running faster.  I'm not sure why, but I started feeling more comfortable at a 9:45 minute pace.  It felt good to be running faster, and I really enjoyed myself along the trail.  I was also happy that I could match Mathis' pace a little bit better!

It was a little humid, and a few bugs got in my way, but overall it was a great run!  I think yesterday's run was fast because 1). It was flat and 2). I wasn't talking.  When I run here in my neighborhood I am running a LOT of hills, and I think this is helping to improve my endurance and speed, especially when I go run on flatter trails.  And when I run GYRO, we usually have lots to say so we're not always busting out our maximum speed, which I love, but I'm sure it also slows us down a little.  Yesterday really showed me that I am improving from my old pace, and I'm really excited to continue to improve as a runner!

Miles: 5
Time: 49 minutes 32 seconds

Miles this Week: 14
Miles this Month: 25

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