Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shamrock Race Expo

Although neither Mathis nor I got to run in the Shamrock Half-Marathon, we both went to the Race Expo the day before, and we loved it!!!  It was our first expo, and we had a great time walking around looking at all the booths.  I find this picture a little ironic... this Leprechaun brought us no luck at all for this race! ;)

I really enjoyed seeing all the items devoted to running.  We had such a great time shopping around from booth to booth.

I ended up buying a new iFitness belt that includes pouches on the side to hold GU... this will be so great for the longer runs!

Eventually we came across the DISNEY BOOTH!!!  Ahhhh!!!  We were so proud to already be signed up for the Disney Marathon in January.  

Check out all the race bling...

A lot of the merchandise is really creative.  I found one t-shirt that I really liked... it said, "Find your happy pace". :)  And we especially loved this one too...

We really enjoyed this expo, and I'm excited to go to other ones in the future! :)

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