Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mental Sport

It always amazes me at how much running is a mental sport.  It can be so difficult to fight my negative thoughts while out on a run.  My body is physically capable, but my mind will play such tricks on me.

Today I got out there after a 9-day hiatus.  This week I was healing from the wounds of oversleeping my half-marathon, and I was also crazy busy with school.  Those two factors meant zero mileage for me.

Mathis ran with me, and we both knew we'd need to go slow.  This was his first run since injuring his shoulder 3 weeks ago.  We were aiming for 8 miles to get back on track for running the Blue Ridge Half in four weeks.

Around mile 3 I really hit a wall.  Pathetic? yes, but that's the mental aspect of this sport.  One day you run 10, the next 2 is tough.  I have to add that last night I completely pigged out on nachos and quesadillas, and I've paid for it all day.  I feel so gross today, and my stomach has ached since this morning.  It's really somewhat a good thing, because my body is rejecting that junk food.  I used to eat like that all the time, and it didn't phase me.  But now it's rare for me to eat all that crap, and I'm reminded today just how bad it is for you.

Mathis really pushed me today... we still ran slow, but he was like my Jillian on the Biggest Loser.  We made it to four, and then stopped to stretch and walk a bit.  I always stop the Garmin at this point to make sure I am "running" the right mileage.  We started back, and I seemed to do much better the last few miles.  I knew that I was just running to the car at this point (see -- all mental!!!!), and although I experienced some soreness I did alright.  I think my stomach ache and 9-day hiatus hindered me the most.

It felt great to be back out there.  I really love the place that running has brought me too.  I've lost 10 pounds this year, and I plan on loosing another 7.  I feel strong, and I know I'm much healthier.  The spring weather feels great, and I'm so excited to keep running on!

Miles: 8
Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Miles this Week: 8
Miles this Month: 43

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  1. Sometimes the runs are just poopy and things don't go according to plan, but you just gotta dust yourself off and keep running. I'm convinced these are the kinds of things that make us stronger as runners in the end. Don't be discouraged about Blue Ridge, just go out there and do it and remember to have a blast!