Thursday, March 25, 2010


The Bearathon is a half-marathon put on my alma-mater, Baylor University! :)  Mathis ran the Bearathon in  2007, and he rocked it!  The Bearathon claims to be the toughest half-marathon in the great state of Texas because of its hills.

When we get back to Texas, I really want to run the Bearathon, because it raises money for Baylor scholarships.  Unfortunately this year's Bearathon was cancelled due to inclement weather.  So I guess I wasn't the only one who didn't run a half this past weekend. :)

Some of the runners decided to go ahead and run the course even though the race was cancelled.  One of these runners is a cancer-survivor, and he has an incredible that you can read more about here.  I love reading about other people's experiences with running -- it is always so motivating and encouraging.  I love the different reasons that people run... and no matter what pace we're running... we're all out there experiencing the same triumphs and trials, the same runner's high, the same emotions and feelings of empowerment.  I'm grateful to have become a runner, and I know my journey is only beginning...

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