Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Today's run wasn't great.  From the beginning I didn't want to get out there.  And I didn't have a great plan on where I was going so that didn't help either!  Mathis and I set up a route for me on gmaps pedometer, but once I started on it I got a little lost.  I also found myself running some hills, and I do not run well on hills.

I had to walk-run a little bit, but around mile 2 I found my runner's high, and it felt great.  But again, I found myself walk-running from time to time.  Blah.  Still proud for getting out there, and looking forward to my next run!

Miles: 3.5
Time: 43 minutes

Miles this Week: 8.5
Miles this Month: 28

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  1. You interested in running with me Friday or Saturday?