Monday, January 18, 2010

5+ Miles

Today I ran 5.17 miles!!!!!!!!!!  

This is the farthest I've EVER ran before!!!!  I feel so great, and I'm so proud of my run.  I ran GYRO with Sarah and Ashley.  I always get intimidated when I run with other people, but it really pushes me to do more!

This past Saturday I was supposed to run 5, but we were driving back to Virginia so I had to wait until today.  Sarah, Ashley and I hit up the Huckleberry, and it was beautiful outside!  There was still some snow/icy patches along the trail, so we slowed down and walked during those parts to avoid any unnecessary injuries. :)

It was hard for me at some points, but it went by pretty quickly because we talked most of the way.  My legs hurt a little bit, but nothing out of the ordinary.  Mostly they felt pretty great, because of these...

That's right!  Today was a big day all around, because in addition to running 5 miles, I bought new shoes!  My new shoes were a belated Christmas present from my parents, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!  I'm definitely an Asics girl, and the Kayano 16 are incredible!  I had tried on the GT 2150 and was ready to go when Mathis insisted I try on the Kayano.  They were more expensive so I initially ruled them out, but once I tried them on there was no going back.  They feel incredible... so much cushion it's like I'm running on clouds (disclaimer: this may be a bit of an exaggeration)!  And the laces are angled to match the arch of your foot.

I am so happy with them, and it was so fun to initiate them today on my long run!  I know that we will share many great miles together!!

Miles: 5.17
Time: 1:00 exactly!

Miles this Week: 5
Miles this Month: 24.5

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  1. Yay!! Way to go!!!! I am definitely an Asics girl too :)