Saturday, April 10, 2010

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

This morning was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K. I hadn't planned on running this race, but earlier in the week I won a free registration thanks to Roanoke Outside. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to run a free race! I love Race for the Cure -- I've been able to do it twice before: once in San Antonio with my Dad in high school and again in Waco during my freshman year of college. This was the Inaugural Race for the Cure in the Roanoke area, and it was great to be a part of such an awesome cause.

 I was pretty tired when my alarm clock went off this morning, but my love for running has started to replace my love for sleep. Mathis was very sweet to wake up with me, and we made a quick run by Starbucks before the race. The race was at a park in Salem that we had never been too. As always, the drive down I-81 was beautiful, and the trees have all started to blossom... Spring here is beautiful!! We got to the race, picked up my packet and walked around for a little bit.

 Here I am still looking a little tired. :)

The race got started a little late at about 8:45. I didn't have many expectations for this race -- it was a last minute entry, and I had to run 9 miles yesterday so my legs were feeling a little sore. At the same time I wanted to push myself to try to speed it up, because the race was so short.

 Here are a few videos Mathis took of the race...

In the end I set a new PR!!!!! According to my Garmin, I finished in 29 minutes 55 seconds. Woo!!!!!! That's a good 4 minutes faster than the 5K I ran in December! Talk about some progress. I was chip timed, but I'm not sure when the results will be posted, so I'm sticking with my Garmin time for now. :) I was really pleased at how fast I ran, and it only makes me want to get faster. But overall I'm just happy that I can go out there and run the entire thing.

I loved having Mathis there -- he is so supportive!! His ankle is still bothering him, and I know it's been hard watching me run when he can't. We're praying it heals in time for the half. And I just have to add that this week I ran the most weekly mileage yet. 25 miles!!!!! I looked back at November (when I began running) and that whole MONTH I only ran 20 miles. I'm so encouraged to see my progress, and I'm excited for what the future holds! :)

Miles: 3.1 
Time: 29 minutes, 55 seconds 

Miles this Week: 25 miles 
Miles this Month: 30

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  1. congrats on the PR!!! way to go! i had actually thought about running that race, as i have done a race for the cure before, too. but like you, the $40 entry fee made me think twice this go-round. that's so cool you won a free entry! i am envious. i am glad the race went well and that you are improving. you may need to do another post soon, called "hi, i'm nicki, and i run an 10 minute mile..." as you 12-minute mile pace seems to be shrinking! :)