Sunday, November 27, 2011


1.  My parents came and visited us for Thanksgiving, and we had such a great time.  I even got to take my parents on the Huckleberry Trail.  We had such beautiful weather the last few days they were in town.

2.  A few weeks ago I signed up to be a social runner for the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run in DC.  The race is held every Spring, and Mathis and I have wanted to run it for awhile.  Being a social runner meant guaranteed race entry, hotel stay, etc. and you got to help publicize your training and experiences with the race.  There were over 500 applicants in just 24 hours for 2 social runner spots.  Before Thanksgiving I was contacted by the race, and unfortunately I didn't receive the position.  BUT they said I was a top consideration, and I got a free pair of New Balance shoes in return!!!!  I got to pick out my shoes, and I'm anticipating their arrival any day!  I usually run in Asics, but I'm excited to give NB a try. :)  Mathis and I will enter the race lottery this week, and I'm hoping that we get in.

3.  I have not been keeping up with the race plan I made for the Jingle Bell 5K.  Are we even surprised at this point? :( My running has been so very minimal since August.  BUT when I saw Runner's World blogging about their Inaugural Runner's World Holiday Running Streak I knew that I was up for the challenge.  I love a good challenge, and this one is perfect for me right now.  It's not about distance or pace, but just consistency.  And one thing I certainly need in my running life is consistency.  I'm on Day 4 of the challenge, and I'm really, really hoping I can continue to run everyday until New Year's.  So far I have really been enjoying my running.

I'm logging my miles on a separate document right now, but so far I've run 7 miles since Thursday.  I will definitely try to keep up with blogging about the streak.  A lot of runners are tweeting their progress with the hashtag #RWRunStreak and it's fun to read about everyone's experiences there.

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