Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Like How You Carry Your Waterbottle

Today I ran in the heat of the day.  Before you feel too bad for me it was only 82 degrees outside, so I'm pretty sure I have nothing to complain about. :)  But it was still warm, and the SUN is what really made it hot.  The miles still felt pretty good.  It was SO nice to be outside and off the dreadmill.  I definitely did a lot of walking, especially on the hills.

The best part of the run was when I ran by a group of kids, and one of the girls yelled out, "I like how you carry your waterbottle!"  She was referring to my Nathan water belt, and it made my day!  I love kids and their sweet honesty.

I thought I'd snap a picture of myself post-run with my water bottle belt for good measure. :)  Even though I planned on running 5 miles and only ran a slow 4 I feel like I'm starting to get my running groove back, and it feels good!

Miles: 4
Time: 47 minutes, 40 seconds

Miles this Week: 6
 Miles this Month: 56