Sunday, May 1, 2011

Royal Running

Mathis just caught me watching the Royal Wedding for the thousandth time.  What is about this wedding that is so captivating?!

I'm sure many of you were intrigued by the many hats worn to the wedding, including this one by Princess Beatrice...

But what you probably didn't know about Princess Beatrice is that she is the first royal to run the London Marathon!  And she did it while tied together with 33 other runners to form a human caterpillar! 

The team ran together for charity (Children in Crisis) and they set a new world record for most people to finish a marathon while tied together.  Any guesses on their finish time?  

It was 5 hours and 13 minutes -- nearly a half-hour quicker than my own finish earlier this year at the Disney World Marathon! :)  Anyways, this was too interesting for me not to post!  Hope you all enjoyed a great weekend of running.  My legs (calves) are really sore from Friday's run, but I'm looking forward to a run tomorrow to stretch them out.


  1. How neat! I wasn't a fan of her fascinator, though! haha

  2. That is so neat, I definitely did not know that!