Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Today I had planned to run with GYRO girls, but things came up and I found myself running solo in the neighborhood instead.  I took the opportunity to work on my speed a bit!  I ran a fast two miles, and then did a slower cool-down mile for a total of 3 miles.  I was really proud of how I did -- I tried to run on the flattest part of my neighborhood, but even this part still has a slight incline.  I ran two miles at an 8:35 pace!! Woo-hoo!!  It felt soooooooooo good.  I came home and poured myself some chocolate milk in my Disney Marathon mug.

Yes, I am such a nerd.  But I had to take proof that I'm a 'fast' nerd!! :)  I can't wait to start working more on my speed and train for a fast 5K time in the next month.

Miles: 3
Time: 27 minutes, 15 seconds

Miles this Week: 9
Miles this Month: 9