Sunday, April 3, 2011

Farewell Faithful Friends

I've known for awhile that it's been time to retire my current pair of running shoes. I've had them since September, and we've logged a lot of miles together since then. 460 miles to be exact. For some reason I tend to grow attached to my running shoes. Call me crazy!! :) I ran my first marathon in my purple Asics Kayano 16s, and they were very good to me!  In addition to running the Disney Marathon in them I also ran the Star City Half and the Shamrock Half in this pair of shoes.

Yesterday I went to my local running store to have them look over my old pair to see how they were wearing.  This was my second pair of Asics Kayano 16s, and while they have worked well for me I thought I'd see what the experts had to say. In addition to getting their advice I tried on several other pairs of shoes (New Balance, Mizuno, Adidas, Brooks).  But in the end this just felt right...
I'm now the proud owner of the NEW Asics Kayano 17!!  I'm curious if the 17s will feel much different from the 16s.  Today I had a long run scheduled so I stuck with the old pair.  One final run together. Tomorrow I'll break out the new pair at GYRO.  I'm so excited to see where these new shoes will take me -- I really like the colors for Spring and Summer!

My run today was alright... kinda boring but BEAUTIFUL weather.  I ran in the neighborhood, and it was fun to see everyone outside soaking in the sun.  The hills were tough today, and my legs are a little sore.  I'll have one more long run this next weekend before hitting the mountains on April 16th at the Blue Ridge Half-Marathon.  I'm definitely getting excited!!! :)

Miles: 8.5
Time: 1 hour, 41 minutes

Miles this Week: 8.5
Miles this Month: 8.5

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