Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Recovery Walk

Yesterday my legs felt a little tight, but I thought I'd stretch them out by taking a long walk.  It felt good to be outside -- the weather here has been beautiful!  I did the math yesterday, and I'm not sure I'll hit 100 miles this month like planned, but I think it was still a great goal for me to set.  It got me moving, and one thing is for sure -- I've definitely logged WAY more miles than I did in February.

I do have another goal I'm working on.  Yesterday I signed up for another half-marathon in May, which means that I will soon be joining this fun group...

The lowest level of membership is running three half-marathons in a 90 day window.  I just ran Shamrock, and now I have the Blue Ridge Half on April 16th and the Capital City Half on May 7th.  I'm so excited about running so many half-marathons back to back, and I'm definitely ready to become a fanatic!  Marathons are awesome, and I definitely want to run more but I truly love the half-marathon distance.

Miles: 4
Time: 1 hour

Miles this Week: 17
Miles this Month: 59

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