Thursday, March 24, 2011

GYRO Radford

This afternoon I got to run with some girls in my grad program, and we ran together in Radford.  It was a really nice change of pace!  I ran without my garmin, but we logged somewhere around 3 miles.   It was really cold/windy, and I wouldn't have ran if it wasn't for my friends.  I'm really glad I got out there, especially since it rained last night and I wasn't able to run.

Today I got back the proofs from Shamrock...

Not the greatest, but they're okay.  You can see how windy it was though!  This weekend I'll log another long run.  The weather isn't supposed to be that great, but I'm still hoping for a good run.

Miles: 3
Time: 35 minutes

Miles this Week: 20
Miles this Month: 62

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