Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rain Won't Keep Us Away

This morning I had plans to meet up with Wendy and Hannah at the Huckleberry for a GYRO long run.  It was softly raining when we set out, but we were determined to get out there!  Hats and hoods on we headed out into the misty rain.  The rain let up quickly, and then it just felt cool and even refreshing.

Wendy did 3-4 miles with us, and then Hannah and I ran an additional 5 miles since we're running the Shamrock Half-Marathon together in a few weeks.  It felt great to be back out on my feet!  I know that pretty soon I'll need to invest in a new pair of shoes.  I can tell I shouldn't be running in the Kayano 16s anymore, and I'm excited to go get fitted for a new style.

After the run Hannah treated me to some coffee...

Here I am stretching on the rug and enjoying some java.  
What a perfect Saturday morning!!

Miles: 9

Miles this Week: 14
Miles this Month: 14

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