Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Worn-out Wednesday

Well, it looks like I might be requesting to change my work schedule this semester.  Originally I planned to run on Wednesday mornings, but I was WIPED this morning when my alarm went off.  My 12 hour Tuesdays on campus make me one worn-out woman by Wednesday morning.  I think if I can go into work first thing in the morning I'll do better with getting off early to run in the afternoon instead.

As for this week, I'll just do some readjusting and rest today instead of resting on Friday as planned.  One exciting thing that Mathis and I did do this morning was to make hotel reservations for the weekend of the Blue Ridge Marathon.

We got a great discount on the hotel room, and it's only one block from the race start/finish.  Since we got free entries to the race, we decided to splurge and stay downtown that weekend.  The hotel definitely gives me some added motivation to keep up with my training!

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