Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Today's run called for 5 miles with 3 miles at a 9:09 pace (my goal half-marathon pace)!  I started the first mile off at an 11:00 minute pace on the treadmill before I pumped up the speed.  6.6 on the 'mill was a 9:04 mile and 6.5 was a 9:13 mile.  Since I couldn't zero in on the 9:09 pace precisely I just went with the 6.5 speed.  At the beginning of running fast my left knee was really feeling pulled.  I almost stopped, but decided to see if it went away.  It did.

Much like Monday's run, it was HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Somewhere into mile 2 I felt my hand reaching for the controls to turn down the speed.  But I didn't let myself do it.  I just kept going.  I kept thinking about how I could get through the next 'X' minutes.  I tried to think about how temporary the pain was, and that in a few hours I'd be all snuggly on the couch. :)  It worked!  It was still very hard, but you know what?  I did it!  And the treadmill didn't bother me like it has in the past.  I'd still take running outside hands down, but that wasn't an option with today's weather.

I definitely had the iPod with me for this run.  I have been running without music for months, but I think I'll be bringing back the good ol' tunes to help me attain the speed I'm after.  I can't believe that I did today's run.  My abs were hurting, but I'm glad to know I'm getting stronger.  I was sweating and huffing like a crazy lady, but I don't care a bit.  I did it.  I walked the last mile (14:30ish pace), but I'm fine with this.  I could have jogged, but I told myself I could walk if I got the tempo part done.

I'll run again tomorrow, but I'm not sure if I'll get a long run in this weekend or not.  We're heading out to L.A. with friends so we'll see what happens.  Either way I really hope to keep up this training plan I'm following.  Some days I look at it and think I'll never do it, but I think I have it in me deep down -- just have to be strong and push myself to do it!

Miles: 5
Time: 53 minutes

Miles this Week: 10
Miles this Month: 55


  1. awesome job! That would be my goal half marathon pace too! I can do it some days for a few miles, others I just can't. I would like to get there though!