Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rookie Mistake

This morning I knew I needed to run first thing, or it was going to happen.  Mathis has been running with some guys really early in the morning, and it was easier to get up knowing he was up early too!  He actually ran at 5:30am, while I waited around til 6:00am.

I was a little slower today, but it wasn't as cool and I soon realized I'd made a rookie mistake.  About a mile and a half into my run I realized I was really thirsty.  I normally don't get that thirsty while running so I knew something was up.  That's when I realized I hadn't had anything yet to drink.  Nothing that morning at all.  Hydration is such a basic component to running, and I usually do great with this.  I couldn't believe that I had headed out the door without drinking some water.  Since I was only running 3 miles I didn't worry too much about it, but it definitely made me realize the importance of drinking water prior to running.

Miles: 3
Time: 34 minutes, 24 seconds

Miles this Week: 6
Miles this Month: 25


  1. ...just curious...what training plan are you using??

  2. way to get your miles in. good luck with the training