Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday Three

This morning I met up with Jamie and Marcia -- shout out if either of you are bored/procrastinating papers and reading this!!! :)

The THREE of us ran/walked THREE miles, and it was wonderful way to start out our Tuesday morning.  We ran on the wonderfully flat trail at Bisset Park, and it was a very nice change of scenery for me.  It was cloudy and slightly cool again this morning... a little humid but great weather overall.  I got to catch up a bit with Jamie and Marcia and of course, talk some school psych!  I definitely love running with others, and I really love seeing others beginning to run.

How's everyone else's running this week???

Miles: 3.3
Time: 48 minutes

Miles this Week: 6.5
Miles this Month: 33 (cheesy, but I love 33, because it was Mathis' high school football jersey number)

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