Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Record Heat

Like most of the East Coast, we are experiencing record heat this week.  Heat isn't new to me.  I lived in Florida for 9 years and Texas for 11.  But heat is still heat, and tonight it was pretty tough to overcome.

I met Sarah for a tempo run a little later in the evening to try to avoid the heat a bit.  We warmed up with an 11-minute mile and then ran 3 miles at a 10 minute pace.  It was really tough, and I can still feel it now.  I am beat, but it feels good at the same time! :)

I work 8-5 the next three days straight so it will be a little challenging to squeeze in my running, but I don't plan on letting up.

Miles: 4.5 total
Time: approx. 48 minutes

Miles this Week: 7.5
Miles this Month: 18.5


  1. Way to beat the heat for a good run:)

  2. As you know the Texas heat/humidity can be challenging.. right now we are still dealing with the rain! :) I try to make most of my runs before helps.. :)Keep moving sister! You are doing amazing!!