Thursday, June 17, 2010

Reunited and It Feels So Good

I didn't plan on taking a week off from running, but that's exactly what happened last week.  And after running yesterday and again today I feel 100% better!!!!!!!  I think it was a good break, but I definitely realized how much I need to be running.  I really can't go very long without it, or I start to go crazy!

Yesterday's run was with GYRO, and my friend Jamie came for the first time.  Jamie is a new runner, and we ran 2 miles together. 

This morning I ran my 5 mile loop of hills through the neighborhood.  I'm calling it an interval workout, which is my fancy way of saying I did a lot of walking.  These hills had it out for me!  I've gotten so used to the flat Huckleberry over the past few weeks, and the hills crushed me this morning.  But I'm not worried.  It was still great to be out there, and I think walking every now and then is just fine!  I'm glad to be back on my "home turf", and I definitely want to make sure I'm getting some good hill runs.

This weekend Mathis and I are running in the Sundown 5K in Blacksburg, and I'm excited!!!!  It's been too long since my last race, and even though it's only a 5K I'm really looking forward to it.  I'm hoping to PR, but I also just want to enjoy the race.  Wish me luck!!!

Miles: 5
Time: 1 hour, 1 minute

Miles this Week: 7
Miles this Month: 25.5


  1. Good Luck Sister! Have fun!!! :)

  2. Good job on getting back out there! I took a week off too and was going nuts by Sunday! good luck this weekend with your run:)