Saturday, May 8, 2010

Getting Back into the Swing of Things

I haven't logged many miles since the Half (10 to be exact), but in all fairness I was busy finishing up the semester and trying to adjust to life outside of training.

Today was VERY windy so I hit up the rec center to do a run on the dreadmill.  Running the treadmill wasn't as bad as I remembered, but I was only able to crank out three miles before I couldn't do it anymore.  I forced myself to walk an additional mile at an incline of 10.  It was a slow run, but it felt really good to be moving my legs again!

Tomorrow I'm going to try to get out in the neighborhood for a 6 mile run, and then hopefully I'll get back on track with some more consistent running!

Miles: 4 miles
Time: 50 minutes (walked last mile)

Miles this Week: 8
Miles this Month: 11

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