Sunday, January 10, 2010


Yesterday I ran 4 miles, but I just never had time to post about it!  My knee pain from earlier in the week is gone -- it was fine after one day of rest.  Yesterday morning was cold for Texas standards (20 something), but Mathis and I suited up and we were on our way!  Although Mathis is faster than I am (who isn't!?!), he ran with me the whole time.  We didn't even have to stop -- it was great!  I know that having him with me really inspired me to push through.

I didn't run with the Garmin because it wasn't charged, so I'm not quite sure how fast we were.  We ran for 50 minutes so I think we ran a little over 4 miles.

We just arrived in San Diego for the week, and I'm not sure I'll be able to run outside here.  Don't get me wrong -- the weather is AMAZING, but we're staying in a hotel and I'm not quite sure if there's any good places I can run around here since I don't have a car to drive myself.  Oh well... the hotel has a treadmill so stay tuned........... :)

Miles: 4
Time: 48 minutes?

Miles this Week: 10
Miles this Month: 10

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