Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last Run of 2009

This morning I ran 3 miles (again).  I feel like I've been running 3 miles for a loooong time now, but unfortunately it's still a little rough on me.  Today I got REALLY hot while running.  I think I overdid it in wearing my tights and long-sleeves, but in my defense it was around 41 degrees when I left.  I ran with a hat for the first time today, and I think that was the reason I got so warm.  Lesson learned when running outside in cool weather -- less is (sometimes) more. :)

I was very slow today because of how hot I got, and the fact that I stopped to take this picture:

There are so many deer around both Mathis' parent's house, and my parent's neighborhood.  It's fun to see them around when driving or running, and they usually don't run off.  I know it's hard to see them in this picture, but it shows some of them.  This picture also shows how green the trees are here -- this is something both Mathis and I immediately noticed when we got down here. :)

I am excited for the New Year, and to see how much my running improves in 2010.  I've really only been serious about my running since November, and I'm really excited about this new adventure.  I have to admit that during some of my runs I question why I'm doing this, but I always feel so great afterwards.  Thanks for joining me on this journey -- I hope that by reading my about my blog you realize that ANYONE can do it!!! :)

Miles: 3
Time: 36 minutes

Miles this Week: 6
Miles this Month: 26.5

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