Friday, April 15, 2011

Goals for Blue Ridge

I'm getting a little nervous about the weather forecast for the Blue Ridge Half-Marathon tomorrow in Roanoke.  They're calling for some very severe storms.  I went ahead and splurged on a water resistant jacket yesterday...

Totally throws off the "blue" look I had planned for the race, but I think I will be so glad to have this jacket!  I really, really hope the race isn't cancelled due to the storms.  I prepared for the rain, but storms add an entirely different element.  But I'm going to be hopeful.  Here are my goals for the race:

Goal A: Break a course record -- last year I ran the course in 2:24:53.  I would LOVE to run it faster this year!  How much faster?  No idea!  Probably not much... the course is rough, and I'm not even going to try for a PR. :)

Goal B: Run the thing in under 2:30.

Goal C: Finish the race with a smile!

Either way I'm hoping to have a lot of fun.  I've told Mathis a million times that I want to go out to breakfast after the race -- this is something I've yet to do after a race, and it needs to happen.  I'm excited that I'm participating in this race again, and I can't wait to see what they've done with it this year.  I would love to keep doing it every year as long as I can to keep up my legacy runner status! :)

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