Tuesday, March 1, 2011

One Hundred

I am thrilled that it is the first day of March. February wasn't a bad month by any means. I celebrated a wonderful Valentine's Day with my hubby, turned 26, and spent a week in San Francisco. But I'm ready for a fresh start.

Y'all, I ran TWENTY miles in February. That's it. 20 miles in a MONTH. 6 miles less than my marathon in January. I'm not really that upset over it. I needed a break. My body, mind and spirit needed some time to breathe. I needed to let go of the pressure I created with training. Running was constantly on my mind, and I needed some time for myself. I'm finally at the point again where I want to run. And this is exactly how I want it to be. I want to run from desire rather than obligation.

I'm a goals girl. I like them a lot. They motivate me and keep me inspired to get out when I don't always feel it. So I decided that I wanted a goal for March. I still don't want to succumb to the pressure I created before, but I do want to be working towards something. My goal for the month of March is to run/walk a 100 miles. I don't care how fast those miles are or on what days they get done, but I want to do them. Simple as that. The highest mileage I've done in a month is somewhere in the high 90s. 100 miles in a month is totally doable, but for some reason I've never hit the 100 mark. This is the month I hope to make it happen. And it all begins today!

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