Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just Like Old Times

In an effort to get ready for the Shamrock Half-Marathon in a few weeks, Hannah and I met up early this morning to run before work.  When my alarm clock went off, I was NOT feeling it... but once I'm outside chatting and running I always feel great.  The miles definitely go by quick(er) when you have a friend to talk with. :)

It felt like old times running this morning and watching the sun come up.  We did a solid five miles, and it felt great!  Of course we walked some of the hills, and my knees were a little rusty.  But overall it was a great run.  It was still pretty chilly out this morning, but we saw a few signs of Spring along the way.

I'm so happy to be running again.  Only 95 miles left to go this month!

Miles: 5
Time: 1 hour-ish

Miles this Week: 5
Miles this Month: 5

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