Monday, November 29, 2010

Last Run of November

I was so grateful when Hannah agreed to run with me tonight after work.  It felt good to be back running with her in the neighborhood.  I am so grateful for friends to run with!

The best part about tonight's run was the fact that we got to see so many Christmas lights!!!!  I am amazed that so many people already have Christmas decorations up when it isn't even December.  I have got to get ON it.  I still have pumpkins out, but I hope to trade them for snowmen this weekend! :)

Miles: 4
Time: 43 minutes

Miles this Week: 4
Miles this Month: 92

1 comment:

  1. The time change (when we turn back the clock an hour) is really hard on my running schedule because I don't like to run after dark much.. but I really enjoy this time of the year because of all the Christmas lights - For me it is the only good thing about the time change darkness. Reading this got me all excited to go around my neighborhood!

    Awesome blog! :)