Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice Sundown 5K

Even though I don't get that excited over 5k races anymore, I was excited to run this 5 because it was at night in Blacksburg.  This race was also a part of a larger festival going on in Blacksburg all Saturday, and was set to begin at 8:30 right when the sun was setting.

I didn't have that many expectations going into this race.  I figured it'd be fun, and it also supported the Blacksburg High School track and cross country programs.  I secretly hoped I could PR, and bring my 5K time down.

They passed out glow sticks to wear during the race which I thought was fun!

Unfortunately right as the race was set to begin, a huge thunderstorm rolled in.  All the runners huddled together to see if the storm would pass, but it just kept pouring rain and lightening.  The race officials finally decided to postpone the race until Sunday evening.  We were pretty bummed about it, but I know that this is bound to happen from time to time with races.

We showed back up Sunday night ready to go.  We weren't quite as pumped as Saturday night, but we managed to push through.  It was a fun race.  5Ks are so short, and there just isn't much to say.  There were a few little hills, but that's to be expected here.  Part of the race was on the Huckleberry Trail, and I saw quite a few fireflies while running.  The whole time I kept running I was really trying to push myself.  I'm still learning just how much to push and how much to maintain a pace that will let me finish the distance.  I felt pretty good throughout the race, and I kept checking my Garmin to help find a good pace.

I finished in 29 minutes, 21 seconds (9:26 pace)!  A new PR for me!!!  I was still hoping I could have brought my time down closer, but this is still 30 seconds faster than my 5k in April (and about 5 minutes faster than my "first" 5k in December).  Mathis did SUCH a great job and came in at 23 minutes, 44 seconds (7:38 pace).  I am so proud of how well he's doing.  He's really come back strong since his shoulder healed.  **Side note: I'm still always amazed at how fast the Blacksburg runners are!  Much like the Blacksburg Classic, these runners meant business!!  As great as Mathis' time was he still was close to 40th).**

The next race I'll be running in will be the GYRO 10k on July 31st!!  Even though this race is a little low-key, it will be a lot of fun.  I've only run an 5k and 8k race, so I'm looking forward to the 10k distance. :)

Miles: 3.1
Time: 29 minutes, 21 seconds

Miles this Week: 3
Miles this Month: 28.5

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