Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Running

Tonight Mathis and I waited until the sun was setting to head out for a run.  We kept it short and ran 2.5 miles.  We also walked quite a bit, but I usually stop the Garmin for our walking.  Unfortunately I sometimes freak out on Mathis when we run together.  He tries to help push me, and I don't usually take it well.  Plus I feel that I'm holding him back even when he insists that I'm not.  We worked it out, but I felt bad for taking some of the joy out of our running together.

I'm hoping to run a lot this week, and get my monthly mileage back up after my week off this month!

Miles: 2.5
Time: 27 minutes

Miles this Week: 5.5
Miles this Month: 31

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