Friday, March 12, 2010

Make Up Run

This past week has been a little difficult.  When Mathis separated his shoulder Sunday afternoon, our entire Spring Break plans were turned upside down.  And ever since my racing experience last Saturday I haven't felt like running.  I tried to get in 5 miles on Wednesday, but nothing clicked.  It was tough just making it to 3 miles.  I was mad at running and mad at myself.

Today I planned to do my last long run before the Shamrock Half-Marathon next weekend (the half came up so fast!!!).  We're supposed to get some rain over the weekend, and I thought it'd be best to get my long run out of the way.

I worked hard to prepare myself mentally for today's run.  I reminded myself of these things:

  • To run for me and no one else! 
  • That I am completely capable of running this mileage
  • Timing doesn't matter, and I'm running to finish strong
  • The Lord made me to run the way I do, and He loves me as I am
  • Just a few months ago it was tough for me to run 1.5 miles
This first few miles today were a little rough.  At mile 2 I dropped my water bottle and jacket so I could grab them on the way back at mile 8.  Half-way into mile 4 I found my high, and all felt right again with the running world.  It felt like I was truly making up with running -- that our stupid fight was over, and I was reminded about all the reasons I began this journey.  Things began to click, and the miles ticked away.  At mile 8 I stopped for water and GU (I tried Tri-Berry today, but I think I like Strawberry Banana better).

It was misting rain throughout my run today, but it felt pretty nice.  And I wore my new shorts that I won from the Happy Runner!  The shorts arrived earlier in the week, and today was the perfect day to break them in.  I love them!!!!  I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing these shorts at my half next weekend.  

My time was the same from last week, although I'll admit that today I stopped the watch at mile 8 for awhile to refuel.  I'll continue to run this next week although I won't do anything over 4 miles.  I'm really excited/nervous about next weekend, and I'll definitely be preparing myself for this race over the next week! :)

Have a great weekend!!!

Miles: 10
Time: 1 hour, 56 minutes

Miles this Week: 13
Miles this Month: 28

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