Monday, December 21, 2009

Texas Three-Step

Mathis and I got to Texas late Friday night for my brother's graduation from Baylor, and just yesterday we made our way to San Antonio.

This afternoon I got out there and ran three miles.  It felt great.  I didn't worry about timing, and I walked a few times.  Mostly I just wanted to stretch my legs after all the time in the car.  I'm excited to start running more consistently now that I'm on a break from school.  And it's soooo warm here that I can run in shorts and a t-shirt which is very nice! :)

Miles: 3
Time: 34 minutes

Miles this Week: 3
Miles this Month: 17.5

1 comment:

  1. great job! keep it up and soak up that warm weather! I opened an early Christmas gift--my very first running outfit (matching shorts and a shirt) I've never owned one all the years i have been running! I am super i just need to find a race to wear it in :)