Monday, December 14, 2009

Heat Wave

It is so warm here today!!!  55 degrees meant I was able to run in a t-shirt and shorts, and it felt wonderful!! :)

According to my training, I was supposed to run 3 miles today, and after the 5K this past weekend I was hoping it'd be a piece of cake.  WRONG.  I am really struggling right now!  It frustrates me to no end!!!  I have all these negative thoughts that keep saying, "Why are your running when walking is so much easier"  But the feeling I get after a run doesn't compare to any walk.

I walked a few times during my run today, and I'm SLOWER than ever, but at least I'm doing it.  I'm trying to encourage myself with this quote... "Every run is a great run!" 
Sasha Azevedo

Any advice you experienced runners have would be much appreciated! :)

Miles: 3
Time: 37 minutes

Miles this Week: 3
Miles this Month: 14.5


  1. Sister, put in Justin Timberlake, blast it like you never have before and take off!! It is mind over matter. When I struggle, I run on the street and sprint to a telephone pole and walk to the next. Telephone poles are so close together, that I found myself saying, "I can sprint 2 telephone pole lengths" and one day it was easier.. it just happens.. You are great runner and getting better every day. Cut yourself some slack, you are out there and being consistent as possible! Reward yourself with a cuddle up and a movie, take the night off and relax out of the blue! Those runnin' shoes aren't going anywhere!! :) See you soon!! :)xoxo

  2. I agree with the Justin Timberlake comment :) Your thinking too much about it..the hard tough runs are the most beneficial b/c those times will make you a stronger and focused runner. Keep it up! At least you'll have some TX warmer weather the next couple of weeks!!

  3. Some days it is just hard to run. I will be able to run 11 miles on a Saturday morning and then can barely run 3 on the next Tuesday. Don't worry about it too much as you will always have "off" running days but at least you are out there trying!