Tuesday, July 19, 2011


As a runner I've found that it's very important to be flexible.  Flexible with training, flexible with goals, flexible with your expectations and flexible with your time.

I feel as if I constantly set up training plans that later on get tweaked or completely dropped. This doesn't discourage me very much, because I still manage to run.  And that's really all that matters.  Over the past few weeks I had been quietly training for a marathon.  But tonight I realized that it was time to let that dream go.

I will run another marathon, but it's not going to be this Fall.  As much as I wanted to run one, I have such a peace about letting it go.  A lot of the reasoning is financial, but another part of it is the time commitment.  I know I could run 26.2 miles this October, but it would take a lot from me.

So here's where I excel at being flexible!  These next few months are going to be spent working on speed and running for fun.  I'm going to run an 8K, a 5K, and then try and PR at the Star City Half-Marathon in November.  This feels like the right decision for me, and I'm very excited about it. :)

Here's some mileage I ran in Texas, and tonight's run as well...

Miles: 8
Miles this Month: 41


  1. Way to keep a positive attitude and have an open mind!! I so wish I could run in the Star City Half because it was my first half last year...but I'll probably just be regaining my ability to walk straight by then ;) Maybe I'll pass out some water instead and cheer you on!!

  2. I hate when finances are deciding factors and we have to be responsible grownups about it. Great job refocusing in a positive way though! Good luck getting a new PR. I am not marathon training to keep marital harmony..sigh