Monday, April 25, 2011


Y'all, I am so spoiled when it comes to running.  After only running for a few months my Dad gave me his Garmin Forerunner 305, and we've been inseparable ever since.  Unfortunately I ran with it at the Blue Ridge Half-Marathon it hasn't worked since then.  Water got underneath the screen, and I'm pretty sure it caused some type of an electrical short.  Now it won't charge... since it's no longer under warranty, Garmin would charge me $80 to fix it.

This weekend Mathis and I made the decision to go ahead and purchase a new one from Amazon ($128).  I have Amazon Prime, and I get free two-day shipping.  My new Forerunner 305 should be here by Wednesday!  I feel so spoiled, but my last few runs without this piece of technology have been tough!  The running has been okay, but it's been weird not having all my "stats".  Please don't get me wrong -- I fully know that I do not need this watch.  It is a big want.  But at the same time, running does SO much for me.  Instead of paying a monthly gym membership,  I spend money on running shoes and race entries (or in this case, a watch).  Yes, I'm investing some money into running, but running is so good for me.  It's good for my physical and mental health.  It's a way for me to spend time with friends, and it's become a hobby for me.

Anyways, I did a ton of research between the Forerunner 305 and 405, but the 305 is so much better in my opinion -- especially when you factor in the price difference.  The 305 is multi-sport -- I don't plan on becoming a triathlete any time soon, but it's nice to know I could keep using my GPS watch for biking in addition to running!  The 305 actually holds a battery charge longer than the 405 (under normal settings), and it seems a lot less complicated.  I'm excited to get my new 305, because I will actually be able to upload everything to my computer.  I haven't ever done this with my Dad's old watch, and I'm looking forward to this added technology.  Nerd alert, yes!

Okay, so if you're still reading this I should buy you a Garmin. :)  Sorry to ramble on about this watch, but it's such a big part of my running.  I am hoping to set a PR next weekend at the Capital City Half, and I am so glad I'll have the Garmin for that race!

Today I ran a total of 6 miles, and it was H-O-T!  Fortunately there was still some cloud cover and a breeze, but still a warm run.  I do not like running in the heat.  And unfortunately Virginia has spoiled me in another way -- I now consider "hot" to be in the high 70s.  Texans, I'm sure you're all laughing at this point.  I really don't know if I can move back to Texas and endure the ridiculous heat.  But I'm excited that the seasons are changing, and I hope to have a lot of time to run this summer! :)

Miles: 6
Time: ??

Miles this Week: 6
Miles this Month: 66


  1. Um yes please buy me a garmin! I'm still after my first one, that's interesting to hear that you think the 305 is better than the 405. I have my heart set now on the upcoming touch screen now, cuz it looks good and slim (and my wrists are teeny).

    And yes, as a Texan I am laughing at you... it's in the 90s already. UGH!

  2. Yeah... when you mentioned that you wanted to run a 10 minute mile when you visited me I thought about reminding you that it will be July in Texas and I think you've forgotten what that is like...
    haha love you! So excited you are getting a new garmin :)

  3. I think it's crazy that those watches don't offer at least a little bit of water protection! Do they expect you to run indoors? Hope you like your new watch! :)

  4. I downloaded an app on my phone, so I carry my phone every time I run. I can't wait to get a Garmin!

  5. I got a 205 back in January. I love the freedom of being able to change routes if I see an interesting or fun looking street and still getting to know my mileage. Definitely worth the money. I like that you compared it to a gym membership- much cheaper overall!

  6. I have the 405, so you shouldn't have to buy me one. I couldn't run without my stats!