Sunday, November 14, 2010

15 miles = Ice Bath

Today I ran 15 miles.  It hurt.  It was the longest I have ever run, and it took a lot out of me.

Mathis and I didn't get started until mid-morning with our running since we had been out late the night before.  We started by 10:30 and finished up around 1:30.  The weather was warmer, and we both just ran in shorts and a t-shirt.  I ran with my compression socks today, and they felt good.  It's an adjustment to run with them, but they seemed to help.

Today I didn't quite have it together.  The first time we got out to the trail I realized I had left my Garmin at home.  Major FAIL.  We had to go all the way back home to grab it.  Then as soon as I started running I realized I had to go to the bathroom.  Second FAIL.  Around mile 7 I was able to run into the student center at Virginia Tech so that was good, but I could tell I was a little off with my running routine.

Miles 7 - 9 were the worst.  I tried to think of today's run as just running 5 miles, 3 times, but that didn't work very well. :)  By mile 9 I was hurting and I couldn't believe I still had 6 more miles to go.  I walked on and off during my run, and by mile 11 I felt much better.  Only 4 miles left.  I knew I could go 4 miles!!  I felt strong until the end, but OUCH.  I was also really hurting.

So on the way home we picked up some chocolate milk, and 3 bags of ice for this...

You can't see the ice very well, but trust me -- that water is COLD.  My legs were shivering, and a few minutes into the bath I lost a lot of feeling in them.  But to be honest it felt really good.  I was always so worried about how the ice bath would feel, but when your legs have taken you 15 miles, they need something crazy like ice.  It just fits.  For those that want to know the reason behind ice baths, you can read this article here.  I can't explain how and why they work, but I think I'm now a believer!

Part of the reason I wanted to ice today is for a quick recovery this week.  We've got the Star City Half-Marathon this weekend, and I really want to feel strong for that race.  I can't really afford to taper much this week, because I need to keep training for Disney, but hopefully I'll still race well on Saturday.  I'm proud of today's run, but I'm also more and more in awe of marathon training and what it takes -- it's such a TIME commitment, and it takes a LOT of physical and mental strength.  On to the next run!

Miles: 15
Time: 2 hours, 52 minutes

Miles this Week: 15
Miles this Month: 38.5

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