Monday, June 7, 2010

The Cure for Monday

Today was such a Monday.  I picked up a new class today, and by the end of the day I was stressed and in a bad mood.  I didn't even really want to head out to GYRO, but I know that's when I need it the most.

I left feeling today's run 100% better.  Mathis came out with us, and even though I usually run with the girls I love knowing that he's out there getting his run on too!  He is getting so fast!!!  I'm excited to see how he'll do at our 5K next weekend.

I planned on only getting in about 3 miles, but Sarah, Stacie and I were able to push it to 5 miles.  The distance felt good.  My legs were a little rusty, but I know that running is a continual challenge.  I love getting to talk with these girls while running.  And the weather here today was beautiful!!!!  Sunny, breezy and 75 degrees.  All the reasons I left Texas. :)  Just kidding, but I know that running here is 10x easier than running in Texas summers.

Here's a picture Mathis snapped of Stacie, Sarah and I after our 5 miles.  Gotta stay hydrated!! :)

Miles: 5
Time: 52 minutes, 30 seconds

Miles this Week: 5
Miles this Month: 13

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  1. Its great how running can snap a bad mood! Gyro Michigan is having their first run next weekend!