Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Recovery Run

Today I met Sarah and another friend out on the Huckleberry Trail after school/work.  We ran three miles, and it felt tough.  I sorta expected this for my first run after the half, and I'm not too concerned about it.  I know that my muscles are probably still tight, and it's going to take a few runs to loosen up again.  And there's that mental part too!

Either way I got out there and did it.  I was grateful to run with friends because I definitely would have stopped to walk if it wasn't for them.

It feels weird to no longer be on a training program.  I have a long time to go before the Disney Marathon, and I'm not real sure what I'll be doing for the next few months.  I've come off of four weeks of four races, and it feels good to have some flexibility with my running right now.  Stay tuned..... :)

Miles: 3
Time: 30 minutes, 18 seconds

 Miles this Week: 3
 Miles this Month: 66

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