Wednesday, December 2, 2009


This morning was cold and rainy so I decided to get an extra hour of sleep.  I figured that I'd just work out later tonight on the treadmill.  Unfortunately I started cramping up pretty bad once I got on the 'mill.  Lesson learned: Never attempt to run so soon after dinner.  Blah.  I still walked the 2 miles I was supposed to run.

On a more encouraging note... did anyone watch last night's episode of The Biggest Loser?!?!  I got hooked on BL last season, and I've tuned in a little bit this season as well.  Last night the four final contestants ran a MARATHON!!!!  Just like last season!  Talk about some encouragement -- If they can do it, then so can anyone! :)

I'll never forgot how impressed I was with Tara last season.

Anyways, hopefully my run on Saturday will be better than my last two runs.

Miles: 2
Time: 30 minutes

Miles this Week: 4.5
Miles this Month: 2

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  1. ok girl... i have decided that i want to try to run too... HELP ME!!! i think i might need to start a blog like you to keep myself accountable! :)

    looks like you are doing good!!!!