Sunday, September 9, 2012

Gruene 10K

This past week was pretty crazy.  I did manage to run Sunday morning with my Dad, and then again on my own in the neighborhood Monday morning.  And then yesterday I ran the Gruene 10K with Mathis and my parents.

I am still pretty out of shape, but I knew it would be important to run this race.  Even though Texas is crazy hot and I've been crazy busy at work, I definitely want to stay active and stay healthy.  I am so proud of my parents for doing the same.

Mathis felt like he had pulled a muscle prior to running the race, and he wasn't sure how he'd do.  Well, he ended up doing awesome (as usual) and running at an 8:50 pace. Show off! :)

My dad and I were within minutes from finishing at the same time.  And my mom did awesome on her own as well... it was great to see her running at the finish.  She and my dad are walking/running the San Antonio Rock 'n Roll Half in November.

The race started and ended at Gruene Hall.  It was a really pretty course, and the weather was pretty good despite still being too hot for my liking.  My Garmin wasn't turning on before the run, and it had me a little freaked out.  Thankfully I googled how to reset the watch on my Mom's iPhone, and I was able to reset it before the race.  I have become so reliant on this watch that it's tough to think of running a race without it.

I had to walk a few times... I think I was a little dehydrated and still not completely used to the heat.  Thankfully there was a nice breeze and that really helped.  I finished in 1 hour and 9 minutes -- overall an 11:14 pace.  Definitely NOT my best, but I still feel good about it.  I'm just happy to have gotten out there and done it.  I know my pace will pick up again as I continue running.  The weather is only going to get better for us here, and I'm also still settling into my routine with work.

The next race we'll be running is the Boxer BOOgie in October.  I love Halloween, and I love boxers.  I'm SOOOO excited for this race!!! :) I'm going to run the 5K and hoping to set a PR!


  1. Running with family is the best feeling. Congrats to all of you. I can't imagine running a 10K in Texas heat. Great job!

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  4. Its Good Idea to running with Family.Congratulations.Best of Luck for next race.

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