Thursday, February 23, 2012


I'm proud to say that I've run three times this week -- 3 miles on Monday, 3.5 on Wednesday, and 4 tonight.  I have been searching for this kind of consistency for a long time!  I'm hopeful that I'm starting to get 'my groove' back although running has been T-O-U-G-H this week.  I'm not too concerned about it -- I know that my body just needs to adapt, but man these miles are killing me!

I've got two rest days now until my long run on Sunday, and I'm hoping that will give my body some time to rejuvenate itself.  My birthday's on Saturday, which means tonight was my last run as a 26 year-old.  Here's hoping 27 has some good running in store for me! :)

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  1. A long run on your birthday? Awesome! I have been in a rut and really want to get some consistency in my schedule!! I miss my morning runs!