Sunday, December 6, 2009

Some New Purchases

Once again, I've gotten a little behind in my training.  It snowed non-stop yesterday, and I didn't make it out for my Saturday run.  I'm not worried though.  I know I'll pick back up on my running tomorrow.

I did make a few new purchases over the weekend, which I'm pretty excited about!  First, Mathis and I invested in our very own foam roller for stretching.  I know this will be a big help when we start running longer distances and really need to stretch out.

And I also bought some warmer running clothes.  The store at the mall was having a 50% sale on all warm weather Reebok items.  So I bought some running leggings which I LOVE.

Last week at Target I came across a beanie and some gloves to wear, so I should be all set for these cold temperatures!  I'll wear my new running gear tomorrow, because it's supposed to be cold.  In fact, from now on it looks like it'll be pretty cold.  Of course, I'll be running in TX and even CA for a little bit over our Christmas break.

And another fun purchase arrived in the mail last week.  Chic Runner had a deal to get 20% of the iFitness belts, so after eyeing them for a few weeks, we ordered one for me and one for Mathis.  Mathis and I decided that these running purchases would be our Christmas gifts to each other this year.  I am really excited about the iFitness band, because I can run with my iPhone.  When I'm running away from the neighborhood I feel so much safer having my phone and key with me.  The iFitness band is awesome, because it doesn't bounce at ALL.  This will be sooooo great to have for our races, because I can carry my ID and phone with me during the race.

And speaking of races, this week is also the week of my 5K.  Although I've ran other 5K races before, this is my first race since  committing to becoming a (semi) serious runner.  It's a holiday race in downtown Roanoke, and I'm really excited about it!

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